About one method efficiency estimation on large field development

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For simulating oil field processes are used deterministic mathematical models which was built on base of geological information about oil field construction and dynamics oil recovery. Neither one of mathematical models don't can describe all variety of geological oil field properties and apprentices of oil displacement processes. In this article we consider only one approach. On base of fuzzy - stochastic method we propose to estimate the weightiness of researching geological parameters of Almetiev area. To estimate of weightiness of different factors it is necessary to define not only qualities, but also quantities influence of those parameters to process. It is necessary to define the statistic dependence between factors and parameters of exploitation process. The coefficients are used to estimate the statistics. The coefficients of correlation allow to estimate the measure of linear statistical dependence between coefficients and factors and also between factors. For example, the functional dependence is linearly, if the coefficient of correlation are proximately to unit. The positive coefficient of correlation shows to directly proportional dependence, and negative shows to inversely dependence. The statistic dependence is absent if coefficient of correlation is proximity to null. In our research this set consist of properties such as: 1- oil recovery capacity; 2- coefficient of porosity; 3- coefficient of permeability; 4- coefficient of layerity; 5- coefficient of zone inhomogenety. To analyze weightiness geological parameters (table 1) various equation - linear, degree, exponential dependence, are used. The calculation results (table 2) shows the maximum influence on intensity the gives the permeability, further net pay, the coefficient of layerity. Fuzzy net theory and statistical methods was constructed. Using the dynamic regime is the most effective technology for production recovery residual oil for field, being on last stage of exploitation.


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