Цифровая модернизация нефтегазового комплекса России

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Digital modernization of Russian oil and gas complex  
L.A. Abukova, A.N. Dmitrievsky, N.A. Eremin  
(Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS, RF, Moscow)  
E-mail: ermn@mail.ru  
Keywords: digital modernization of oil and gas complex, digital oil and  gas economy, digitalization of objects, intellectualization processes,  petrorobotics, opticalization of the geoinformation registration and  transmission, digital well, digital field, borehole tractor-robot, air drone,  underwater drone, the conversion of aerospace technology; mobile  worker, robot-worker, robot-director  
The article analyzes the features of the resource-innovative development  of the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation in a volatile  global energy market.    In the message of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal  Assembly for 2017 the task is set: to implement the systematic programme  for the development of the digital economy. The digitalization  of the economy will be one of the main directions of economic  growth and will cover all sectors of the economy, including the oil and  gas complex of Russia. The article points to the need to promptly develop  the legislative initiatives and a "roadmap" for the digital modernization  of the Russian oil and gas complex.    
The digital oil and gas sector is the cornerstone of the country's digital  economy, formed on the new paradigm of the digital modernization  of oil and gas production, the growth of capitalization (value of fixed  assets) of companies and the industry as a whole. Digital modernization  of the Russian oil and gas industry will allow ensuring the energy security  of the state; satisfying the market demand for oil, gas and products  of their processing; enhancing the creation of innovative technologies  of oil and gas production and making a significant contribution  to the development of the country's economy.  The characteristic features of the digitalization of objects and the intellectualization  of processes in the oil and gas production are revealed.  The intensive introduction of information and communication  technologies throughout the supply chain of oil and gas production  cycle has been considered. The urgency of digital modernization of  the Russian oil and gas complex is justified.

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