About a method of acoustic impact on high viscosity oil fields

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The report describes the method of the acoustic impact on the oil reservoir. Chemical decomposition of formation water molecules occurs with the help of energy-accumulating substances. Water becomes a supplier of hydrogen and oxygen. This allows the processes of hydrogenation and synthesis of new compounds. The decomposition of water is carried out using activated aluminum. As a result of the reaction, hydrogen is released, which provides the reaction of hydrogenation of all fractions of heavy oils. Industrial tests of the new method of acoustic impact were carried out at one of the fields with high viscosity of the Embamunaigas company in 2016. Pilot tests revealed an increase in the flowability of heavy oil during the hydrogenation of its components. The increase in well productivity was recorded during the first days of testing a new method. The negative side of the tests was the colmatation of the well with the released aluminum oxide. Physical and chemical processes on the surface of the reacting components were studied. In the course of the research, the state of the phase interface was studied. The spectral composition of the responses at the phase interface was measured. The report presents the results of measurements of the spectral response of water to external influences. The test results of the new acoustic method showed the need for additional research.


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