Study on application of colloidal particles of metal oxides to increase the oil recovery factor

The extraction of heavy oil, including bitumen, is complicated by the extremely high viscosity of the fluid in the reservoir. The adsorption of heavy oil fractions on the surface of minerals leads to the hydrophobization of the pore space. The magnetic colloidal particles of iron oxides present in the composition of the water remove adsorbed oil from the surface of pores, which manifests itself as an increase in the oil recovery factor and the injectivity of injection wells.

About a method of acoustic impact on high viscosity oil fields

The report describes the method of the acoustic impact on the oil reservoir. Chemical decomposition of formation water molecules occurs with the help of energy-accumulating substances. Water becomes a supplier of hydrogen and oxygen. This allows the processes of hydrogenation and synthesis of new compounds. The decomposition of water is carried out using activated aluminum. As a result of the reaction, hydrogen is released, which provides the reaction of hydrogenation of all fractions of heavy oils.

Applying of the associative polymer solutions to enhance oil recovery

Purpose of this report to inform the petroleum readership of recent advances in areas of the associative polymer flooding. Polymer flooding is the industrial enhanced oil recovery method, which successfully has applied in various types of reservoirs. The polymer flooding for high-temperature and high-salinity reservoir faces enormous challenges. Hydrolyzed polymer has been used as the main polymer type for the polymer flooding. Now researchers have turned their attention to associative polymer solutions. This report presents an overview of the associative polymer flooding.

Digital transformation of gas production

The development of the digital transformation of the gas industry in the Russian Federation is mainly aimed at unique and giant fields. These fields provide the leading position of Russia in the world gas market and about 85 % of the total volume of gas production. The regulatory and technical base, the composition of the existing standards allows us to move to the practice of introducing digital gas technologies. The creation of a unified integrated model is being completed at the Bovanenkovo field.

Remote inspection by the magnetic tomography method (mtm) to prevent the risks imposed by exploitation of arctic offshore pipelines

Cold climate areas that provide opportunities for the remote inspection of pipelines include the Barents Sea, the Russian Arctic, the Alaskan Chukchi Sea, the Beaufort Sea and the Canadian Arctic offshore. First, an analysis of several actual projects of contactless diagnostics using the magnetic tomography method of pipelines in Arctic conditions is done. Second, the Risk-Based Inspection methodology for Arctic offshore pipelines is discussed. It involves ensuring pipeline reliability on the basis of data on the technical condition of the metal in actual operating conditions.

Применение цифровых технологии в нефтегазовых инвестиционных проектах

 Проблема технико-экономической оценки нефтегазовых объектов, под которыми подразумеваются разведанные месторождения либо перспективные на нефть участки, приобретает в наши дни всё большую значимость. Для нефтегазодобывающей отрасли обоснование прогноза развития добычи нефти и эффективное использование ресурсов и запасов месторождения — это основная цель многостадийного проектирования.

Применение экспертно-статистического анализа в выборе метода воздействия на нефтяные пласты

Выбор методов и технологии воздействия на нефтяные пласты - один из наиболее сложных и ответственных этапов проектирования разработки месторождений. Экспертно-статистический метод обработки предполагает детальный анализ геолого - физических и технологических параметров анализируемых объектов и сопоставление их с аналогами успешных испытаний, проводимых как в нашей стране, так и за рубежом. Очевидно, что оценка применимости метода воздействия возможна только при наличии информации о результатах успешности проведенных испытаний.

Monitoring technical state of pipelines in difficult conditions

The paper deals with the innovative methods for monitoring the technical state of pipelines in difficult conditions. Within the framework of the methodology of Risk Based Inspection, the approach is analyzed using the innovative magnetic tomography method, which offers the inclusion of the registration of real mechanical stresses in the system for assessing the reliability of pipelines by the criterion of transition to the limit state based on the registration of the degree of stress concentration or excess of local loads.

Бесконтактные системы мониторинга морских добывающих платформ

В докладе описывается бесконтактная система мониторинга технического состояния морских нефтедобывающих платформ. Для технологической обвязки кессонов морских платформ требуется создание системы мониторинга. Предложена система мониторинга с целью снижения риска эксплуатации добывающих платформ с кессонами. Описан комплекс оборудования для системы мониторинга технического состояния платформы. Система мониторинга основана на использовании метода магнитной томографии.

Contactless monitoring systems for the offshore production platforms

The report describes a contactless system for monitoring the technical condition of the production platforms. Technological binding of the caissons of offshore platforms requires the creation of a monitoring system. A monitoring system has been proposed to reduce the risk of operating production platforms with caissons. The complex of equipment for the monitoring system of the platform is described. The monitoring system is based on the use of the method of magnetic tomography.